Cast A Spell

A few days ago we had our first round of casting for the new film project.  Technically it was also casting for a few music videos at the same time.  Much thanks to LAFA and Sarah I. for organizing these auditions.  So many fresh faces and talented people that came out.  Really excited about shooting the new film here in Windsor and being able to continue what’s been an almost decade long mission now of spotlighting the actors and crew in Windsor.  Our recent Afters music video did that in a huge way.  The cast of that video have now been seen over 160,000 times online as well as broadcasting to over 47 million households on cable television.  Even if you were to combine all the independent films, stage plays, and commercials that the entire cast of the video had done in the past would not equal the amount of audience reach they have experienced from this music video alone.  That’s exciting, no?  The idea that a music video shot here has been seen on that wide of a scale?  Other videos here are getting Canada-wide coverage.  Films shot here are playing at festivals.  Our next film will hit cinemas around the world.  It will be undeniable soon that media created in Windsor can and does stand up against the world’s meter stick of success.

I’ve been exhausted lately.  Sick as a dog through my birthday at the end of November.  That didn’t help much.  Still trying to kick this ear infection.  I’m back to training with Andy 4-5 days a week.  I feel great in that respect.  I’ve never been so flexible and never felt better physically.  Hurricane Training is the way to go.  I dare you to check out his boot camp classes.  Killer workout!  Even that once a week you’d notice a difference in your body and your lifestyle.  I guess I need to find a more regular sleeping pattern but with all the pre-production work to be done, planning for the Still Here premiere and the editing pile of music videos and such to finish up it’s so hard to make that happen.  Not to mention Netflix is obsessive.  So much great tv and films I’ve never seen and I don’t even have to leave the couch to view them!

Anyhoo, I’m getting back to editing a music video and finding something to eat this morning.  Hope you’re well.  Remember if you have any inkling about acting for us in a music video or working behind the scene, send us a headshot and a resume to:


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