TIFF Experience

This year’s Toronto International Film Festival would have been brilliant for me (and to me I suspect!).  I had access to major parties, exclusive parties, screenings.  It was my first time with all these invites instead of looking at the festival from outside the windows of everything cool.  However, since I’m still a working man, I remained dedicated to clients here in Windsor for corporate video work.  You know the stuff that pays bills and keeps things afloat and has served me kindly for years of getting a major film production off the ground.  So alas… the passes, the invites have fallen by the way-side.  Heartbreaking in one sense and couldn’t care less on the other.  Our production schedule is so full for the next 2-3 years that it would be silly to meet another producer interested in project discussion because there’s no way anything could be started until after the Mayan calendar ends… and since that’s the end of the world, I plan on retiring from film shortly before it so I can have a Twin Peaks marathon and wait the four horsemen to knock at my door.  So it would have been awesome… fun, exciting, oh-ah… celebrities but life is good here, projects daily here are going great – can’t complain one bit.

Brendan and I decided to not miss the festival entirely.  Our Canadian distribution company invited us up for their private cocktail party on Sunday.  Windsor to Toronto is roughly a four hour drive.  So we loaded up in the car that day after corporate video shoots were done and hit the 401 highway and made our way to TIFF for this event.  It was held in the Distillery District (which sadly I’ve never been to before!).  Fantastic area.  The bar it was in, name fails me at the time, was swanky yet cozy.  Right off the bat before getting inside we bumped into Tony who updated us on some project statuses with the company and what that could mean for our first film.  Exciting!  All thoughts I had about how shitty it was to be making a roundtrip drive in a single day melted away.

Inside the party was just as exciting.  I don’t think Brendan and I stopped grinning the whole time.  “I’m sorry president of such and such, have you met Brendan and Gavin, the guys behind our film Cheer For Your Life?”  Nothing like having on president of a film company introduce you to the heads of other film companies.  We gained such great insight to international sales and distribution as well as countless tips and cost-saving ideas for our production.  There is NOTHING like picking the brains of soldiers that have been in the trenches for countless battles about how to survive and do it in most time-saving, stress-reduced way possible.

I’m always renewed and refreshed at each stage of this production.  Sunday night was no exception.  The drive home had a lot of good ideas and things to consider as our pre-production starts it’s early stages.  That’s one good thing about being the flighty, hard to get focused me – you lock me in a car with my producer for eight hours and after the first thirty minutes of box-office talk, pressing Patton Oswalt comedy on you, and discussing the current state of Lady GaGa’s fashion crisis- I will get into work mode and we always seem to strike a few points of brilliance in our own world on how to proceed.  I almost wish we had reason to do the drive more often.  The scenery sucks outside the car but the canvas painted inside always ends up worth hanging… at least on the fridge with a magnet.

I may travel back up to TIFF tomorrow night for a screening of Monsters and a few other short events.  I’m dying to see Monsters.  I’d love to talk with the director.  Our distributor is releasing Monsters in Canada.  So exciting.  Thrilling to know they want to work with the likes of us Essex County numb-nuts when they have worldwide talents like Gareth Edwards on the roster too!  If I knew anything about sports I’d imagine the nerves that are on fire under my skin are of the same feeling a pitcher would have throwing the first ball as player in the major leagues… pressure extreme!

Anyhow, I’m off to finalize a music video script.  Bringing that band there back from that big successful label type thing next week and want to make sure we have everything right… explosions in this video too!  Somewhere Michael Bay just smiled a little wider chewing his fruit loops this morning.


P.S. – Be sure to read this shameless plug for our community – if you are an actor or interested in every being an extra in films/music videos/television made in Windsor, send your name/photo/contact information to watchwindsor@gmail.com.  Watch Windsor is compiling a list of actors and extras to help aid the local filmmakers find the talent necessary to make their upcoming productions!

P.P.S. – There are a few other blogs and sites locally that you need to check out to support the local community.  If you are reading this and made it this far through my drivel then you will REALLY enjoy, since it’s on a much more entertaining and important scale:





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  1. Gav, that’s one of the best blog entries I’ve ever read from you… well done young man!

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