Rocked Like A Hurricane

Last year I had a fitness and diet challenge on How Many Days? Exercise for an hour a day, seven days a week.  Eat zero junk food or fast food.  Drink no alcohol.  It lasted six months and I managed to drop 44lbs and was in the best shape I had ever been in.  You can see here what I started and finished at.

First day of training:

Last day of training:

Well… as soon as the challenge finished I started gaining the weight back, losing the muscle and all around just sorta let it go.  Now I’m back up to 220lbs – which means I gained back roughly 30 of the pounds I lost!  Time to do something about it right?


See, I work in front of a computer.  I sit.  I write.  I type.  I edit.  I rarely even so much as have to walk to my car to then walk from my car into a coffee shop for a meeting and then back to car and then back into house.  Not exactly the ideal fitness plan day to day.  I did get a gym membership a few months back and make it there a few times and week on average.  I’ve notice some change and drop.  I’ve cut back some junk food and not drinking as often (or as much, dear God the hangover pain!).  Still I’ve always wanted to really challenge myself and get into shape like never before – even before what I did on my challenge shown above.

Well that starts Monday.  On Monday I’ll be training four days a week with Andy at Hurricane Training.  One on one personal trainer to kick my ass basically.  We’re gonna see if I have what it takes to drop the weight again, alter my diet, and give myself an all around lifestyle change so I can maintain it.  I have a ton of clothes that just don’t fit, my posture sucks, my sleeping patterns are irregular, my eating habits are terrible.  Time to get rid of it all.

I already know I’m more serious this time around since I’ve been going to the gym and not because I locked myself into a daily challenge through How Many Days?  That regiment was brutal with no rest and almost foolish.  It was too much.  However it did get me into a mindset of not hating exercise for once and understanding that it is possible for me to stop making the excuse that I’m too busy to hit the gym.

I’m excited to see what Andy has in store for me though I’ve been warned that there’s going to be muscle shock and this first week I’m going to be very sore.  I remember that from last time.  I’m not looking forward to it.  Boot-Camp extreme.

It’s important to me to have more energy.  We’re at the beginning of a new film project.  It takes up so much time and late nights lately.  I need to feel better as I go through this.  Need to not be snacking.  Need to have a body that doesn’t want to quit on me at 6PM feeling so lethargic.  I don’t even have a goal.  I don’t want to look like a meathead.  I don’t need Bradley Cooper’s A-Team abs.  I just want to feel better and start a change I can continue into later life.

If you are interested in making a change, I suggest you give Andy a call and get your own personal training under way.  Sometimes that’s what you need – motivation from someone that won’t let you skip out and back out.  Convincing myself not to go to the gym is the easiest thing in the world.  I’m doing it right now by writing this instead of running on the treadmill.  I’m convincing myself that since I start on Monday I don’t have to go today.  What a silly attitude right?  Heck I should get out of here and walk to a Tim Horton’s and write for an hour.  Yes?  Well maybe not with humidity core of the universe out there.  Ugh.  You get what I mean though – too easy to convince myself not to go.  I do need someone kicking my ass about it the same way I need Marie and Brendan pointing fingers at me and business mom’ing me into writing and finishing plans and making sure my film career happen.  As much as I believe in my own talent and want the career more than anything in the world… I can be my own worst enemy and need protective measures in place that also help me build routine and ways to retrain my scattered brain to stop working against itself.

Anyhow, check out Hurricane in this flyer and maybe it’s for you!

Hmmmm…. will I go to the gym now or not?  That IS the question.  Well maybe not THE question but it’s a damned good one.



6 Responses to Rocked Like A Hurricane

  1. Is there a Mimetic group discount??? 😉

  2. Adam Morrison says:

    Good luck Gavin,

    I have been training with andy for well over 30 sessions now. Be ready to work.

    In jusy 30 sessions I feel more “in shape” now than in a long time. The training sessions are tough but the Hurricane will keep you motivated.

    Remember “it’s not just training it’s a lifestyle”

  3. Andy Hurricane Training Hamade says:

    Clinton any friend’s of Gavin will get A great discount!! Hurricane Training is 1 on 1 training with no time limit,I also do house call’s. This way we have no EXCUSES!! I have A great bootcamp class,it’s A 50 person bootcamp and it’s twice a week. I promise you guy’s that we are the best and the cheapest in the city. If you guy’s want more info just go to my facebook page,just look up Andy Hamade. I have new blogs every morning,Hurricane Training website is in construction. The website will be ready to go in 2 weeks, Hurricane Gavin see you on monday. Hurricane Training It’s Not Just Training….. It’s A Lifestyle!!!

  4. I love her music, and her sense of costume is so chic!!

  5. I’m currently blogging for a (poor) living for someone else… but I like it. You’ve inspired me to keep doing it, and look to doing it for myself soon

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