D Is For Domination (The Worldly Kind)

I can’t (and don’t want to) say too much but there was a major announcement yesterday that’s make the rounds in the media and well… it involves little ol’ me.

We have a new film in development.  I mentioned it recently in a previous blog – it’s gearing up – I have a wonderfully talented team of Windsor area folks working on all the paperwork and getting the early stages together – we are shooting it here in Windsor – but the potential for this film just grew leaps and bounds.  The film when distributed will be released by D-Films in Canada… and now… well… read this article from the Globe and Mail to see what’s up.

It’s also in Screendaily and Deadline.

World Domination baby!  I couldn’t be more excited.  Having distribution locked before shooting is a filmmaking dream come true.  See you make the film usually out of your own pocket and then you hope to God that someone out there wants to buy it.  It’s painful, full of rejection worse than any date gone wrong, and next to impossible.  There are far more films made each year than potential slots to screen them all.. plus your film has to be REALLY GOOD.  Even my first few films that are just starting to find distribution has taken 4+ years!!!!  It’s not fun at all.  So the IDEAL is to know in advance of making the film where it is going to go.  The way we landed distribution wasn’t even trying for it.  Since February my life and career have been changing faster than I can keep up.

So ya, the public opinion of Mel Gibson might have changed… but Holy Moses do I have to respect what he and his passion for cinema now mean for me!

Now just wait for our next announcement about WHO is producing this film… it’s possibly even bigger news than this and chances are you’ve seen AT LEAST one of his films in a theater before!

If you have questions don’t ask.  I can’t answer them… not yet.

Casting?  Soon.

The Project? A horror film (something I never thought I’d direct but here I am!)

Can You Be Involved? Most likely but have to wait til we put out a call

Am I bouncing with excitement?  Abso-fucking-lutely!

Talk soon,


P.S. – Since day one I said I would work towards getting Windsor on the map as a place to make films.  There are LOTS of great films that have been made and are being made since I caught wind of a small filmmaker’s movement here and decided to plant an anchor.  For all of those out there that have every said it isn’t possible to make movies here or to get “Hollywood” movies to be made here… how to put this… hmmmm…  how about FUCK YOU!  It’s here and it’s happening and there are far more ways you could get behind people trying to do something outside of the box than to slag them for their “hopeless dreams”.  Anyone out there telling someone else they can’t achieve their dreams should just shut their pie-hole and move along.   ANYTHING is possible if you work at it.  I’m a SCHMUCK and I’m doing it… if you have real talent and real drive – you’ll get yours.  You’ll get your dreams in your hands… even right here in Windsor.


9 Responses to D Is For Domination (The Worldly Kind)

  1. FKN A Right bro!!

    Someday, “I’m a SCHMUCK and I’m doing it” is going to be on Googles Quote Of The Day!


  2. Eric Mc' Lovin Smith says:

    You’ll get your dreams in your hands… even right here in Windsor.

    really honestly feel its a great place to film movies so close to MI and the fast types of community’s make it great to film and make it look ANYWHERE!

  3. Brendan Byrne says:

    …and here we go!!!

  4. Mick Chow says:

    Next thing you gots to do is sign a name.
    Now that you have guaranteed a distributor.
    You, they (distributor) need someone who can sell the movie.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

    Please don’t hate the world when your movie succeeds. Windsor IS a small town. Not exactly on the showbiz map.
    Be cool.

    • GMB says:

      Names don’t mean anything. There are no rules. Nothing is set in how the film world works. I’ll be working largely with a cast of unknowns and using as much Windsor area talent as possible for the project. Having a script and concept that stands out is far more important than having a name cast. Even though Saw films have a name cast they don’t market the film on the strength of the cast… even the first film was driven by the concept. Cloverfield has zero name cast really – heck they didn’t even put the name of the film on it and they sold it on the strength of a super buzz and unique viral marketing campaign that Paramount created. Paranormal Activity – same thing. Have seen it three times and couldn’t tell you the name of those two actors to save my life. It was about the story and the high-concept that drove people into the theater.

      Names weren’t needed for Star Wars to capture the world’s attention. Names didn’t make American Pie the comedy success that it was. Names drive your budget through the roof. Names for you to go union. For some projects, mine included, you just don’t need a name with it. We’re a horror / thriller – that genre is based largely on far lesser known and unknown actors.

      There are no rules. Each film is it’s own thing. As for hating on Windsor when the film is done: I love it here and never do anything but try to convince and encourage more people to make films here and stick it out here by not moving away! That will never change, even should we find success beyond the walls of the W.

      • The difference is Gav, YOU work, and work HARD at getting your stuff made… Others just want to whine and suck about how they’re not handed everything on an Oreo platter then minute they show their face anywhere…

        Those are the people who cry the loudest about Windsor, when in fact, the fault lies with themselves.

  5. Diane says:


    I have been rooting for you since the days when the count was only double digits! I am soooo happy for you! Now that you are finally “making it” all those asses that didn’t want to meet you….. You shouldn’t work with or for and NEVER talk to! Put your nose in the AIR! 🙂

    no really. Great stuff! congrats! You deserve it!

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