My Most Boringest Part

Right now I’m watching “Law Abiding Citizen”.

Oh that dream Gerard Butler!

Why you ask?  Well I thought the same thing at first.  Why would I want to watch some second rate crime-thriller.  I honestly thought it was another movie like “Lakeview Terrance” with Sam-I-Will-Act-In-Anything-Including-Freedomland-Jackson.. which was just a take on “Unlawful Entry” with Ray Liotta back in the early 90’s.  Teach me to judge a book by it’s cover.  While BBQing with my roommate, Brian, a few nights ago he informed my that the plot of Law Abiding Citizen sounded much like a screenplay concept I was pitching him.  Something I’ve been working on for a few years now.  Pisser when this happens.  If you sit and wait too long on any idea- someone else plucks it out of the universe and will make something so similar that it makes me, as a screenwriter, want to poke my eyes out and kick puppies.  So ya, I’m watching this now… and it’s a darned decent film.  Thankfully not exactly the same as my concept… not yet anyways… but enjoyable enough.

Now why am I watching this film at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday?  Well because I can.  My ‘dayjob’ lately consists of lots of paperwork and budgeting for Mimetic Entertainment’s upcoming film project.  Lots of phone calls, sessions with Marie, calls into Brendan- reading and researching and more reading.  This is painstaking for me- learning to be a businessman and a paper-pusher as well as the artist side of things.  At the end of the day when you’re dealing with little to no money you’re forced to do it.  There is no one else to turn to that will have the same love and passion for these projects as you do.  Especially all the shitty work that comes along with getting to those fun few days in the process where you are running on nothing but caffeine screaming “Action!” into a megaphone and demanding the impossible from your cast and crew.

Excel... the antagonist of my career.

It is the most boringest part of the entire filmmaking process for me.  Need proof?

Yup.  Bored as shit.  Day after day after day.  I’m only writing this to escape it.  I even thought about going to the gym twice today just to get away from it longer and I hate the gym.  Hate it.  But alas… I will get back to it and finish this film… and then another.  I half-watch most movies now as something in the background instead of music as I plug away at my work.

Oh… before I forget.  Shit’s about to get real.  I know that here in my blog and on How Many Days? there is always a lot of talk of meetings and projects… and I assure you it’s a really slow moving battlefront – the point is: the projects are happening and getting to the point we will be calling on the few, the proud, the brave (and the talented!) to take these films to the next level.  So if you’re interested in getting involved email me:

Have fun doing whatever you are doing that is more fun than budgeting!  Speaking of which – we are still seeking private investors to round out the film projects’ budgets.  If you have any serious interest in investing in a film and you’re reading this, also feel welcome to email me.  I can’t say much just yet but there is distribution LOCKED and a producer attached who’s career… well, let’s say… has taken him to a very prestigious academy in the past.  Now investors can come in small amounts or larger amounts.  Rarely do we see a singular investor funding an entire project so don’t think it’s out of your league.  Just throwing it out there – you never know who’s reading, right?




One Response to My Most Boringest Part

  1. ya: I really thought that the Law Abiding- movie was top heavy- not bad. but …… (started real well- and dropped off as the movie unwound…. kinda super predictable- yet entertaining none the less- except for the ending- which i wish i had walked away before seeing- (as i usually do )) So skype aye. ??????

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