How Many Links?

How many links does it take to get to the completion of a new How Many Days? website?




A week or two later… hundreds and hundreds.  I lost count.  Who cares anyhow?  It’s a stupid thing to be counting and measuring is it not?  The real point is that the site is shaping up and almost complete and now you can check it out.

It will be linked to a new domain soon enough and the rest of the missing information and photos will be inserted very soon.

I always loved the old How Many Days? website that was put together by three amazing artists and web designers… but after 3 years and the fact it was flash based – it wasn’t interactive at al.  Not being a web designer I didn’t have control over adding new sections, updating content, setting up a proper way for the daily videos to be viewed on the site.  I feel much much better about this new set up.

So I lost the domain and site for a reason – so I’d take things into my own hands and be responsible for the future of the project.

So now feel free to leave comments, share stories, spread this site around… and always repost my videos and spread my How Many Days? mission closer to an end.  There is some interesting news around Ben Affleck right now and him hearing about the project next.  Maybe you posting it will be the next link in the chain to one of the people on my list!

Check it out when you get a chance!  Back to getting today’s video ready!



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