Inspiration From The Least Likely Of Places

Ok, so I am NOT a Hanson fan.  I do not own their albums.  I never liked Mmm Bop.  I never sang along.  I used to tease my younger brother when their fame broke because he sorta looked like the long haired youngest brother of the jokey-trio.  I was pissed when Denis Leary’s comedic prediction of what was to become of these child stars didn’t happen.  PISSED!

Anyhow… apparently they are still a band and still making new music.  Marie (friend and working in film production with us over here at Mimetic Entertainment if ya don’t know her yet) read me something from the liner notes of an album she bought of theirs today.  Now I normally would have teased her endlessly and laughed it off and tuned out… but instantly it hit me.  This is specific to music how it it written but I think it can apply to all artistic pursuits… like filmmaking for example.

So here it is… me quoting the little Mmm Bop fuckers.  *massive sigh*

For some, music is not just a pastime,
It’s an undeniable fact of living,
A blissful slavery of mind, body and soul.
To rise above the ashes of mediocrity is rare,
Yet the gift of song is freely handed out to anyone who cares to receive it.
Instantly shattering our daily drudger.
The path to pursue more than the usual,
More than what is safe and known,
Is wrought with time-sharpened jagged blades that cut deep,
Blocking many from the road to something greater,
Beyond the stunted imagination of their peers.
Within the veins of the few,
Passion fills every sinew with a sweet unquenchable purpose,
Calming the fear of those treacherous paths.
Though each slice burns and bleeds,
Still they take each cut
And wear the scars with pride to signal their choice,
That undying pursuit of greater joy within every chord.
And so they say – Watch Me Bleed

So there it is.  Read it again.   I am one of these “few”.  Dare to doubt me on it.  I’ll thumb-wrestle the shit out of anyone that attempts to knock at my efforts or finds themselves snickering in a dark corner at what my filmmaking efforts might look like from the outside.

Oh damn it Hanson… you’ve done it… you’ve got me wondering if I should listen to your music and pay attention to your lyrics.




2 Responses to Inspiration From The Least Likely Of Places

  1. Brittany says:

    I have to admitt Gavin I was once a fan, but I was like 11 and didn’t know any better and Mmm Bop lyrics still make no sense to me, but a few of their newer songs really aren’t that bad. Listen to a song called “Go” by them… it’s actually not that bad. LoL good luck!

    • GMB says:

      That’s funny that you would mention that because “GO” was originally written and performed by an artist that I am working with named “Bleu” – he wrote some songs for Hanson including that one! Check out his stuff over at

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