Want More Sleep

It’s too early. I was up around 7ish today. I’m writing to you from my friends’ Bryan and Kristina’s couch where I went to bed some 4 1/2 hours ago.

I have a super huge meeting at 11AM. The kinda meeting that could mean everything or could mean nothing. Have the battle is getting the meeting. Anything on top of getting some face time with the big guys is gravy on the cake.

I can never sleep well before big events. Christmas, day of a date, travel days. Mind races. I have trouble sleeping as it is. So my mind gets going with everything that’s going to happen the next day that I can’t sleep and end up waking up too early.

So now I’m laying here, starving, but don’t want to get out of bed yet.

I’m meeting a very successful producer at 3:30 today. He was gracious enough to fit me in before he goes out of town tomorrow. I was referred by a musician and his manager. The importance of having people believe in your project(s) can never be understated. I really like this producer’s work so should we hit it off- fantastic. Also one of these days when a deal is in place for these next few films I’ll be able to talk in names instead of around people. Don’t want to say anything since half the time Im meeting with their competitors, etc. Tends to be an even smaller world in Hoolywood than it is back in Windsor.

While I think of it- feel free to ask any questions for this blog. Give me ideas to write about! gavinmichaelbooth@gmail.com

Gonna try unsuccessfully to fall asleep again.




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