FAN ME… The end of a small Facebook Era

Greetings Friends!

I am switching everything over to a “professional” fan page for my film work, video blogs, music videos and career type stuff.  I’d appreciate it you’d you’d FAN me.  I’m looking to shut down / privatize / and or scale my personal page back to friends and family only.  Hope you’ll understand and join me on my PAGE.

This is all part of an attempt to get my online presence consolidated.  I no longer own in a snafu… my official site is down and no one wants to explain why or how that happened… so I’m building new sites and trying to get it all set up.

At the end of the day, I have to concentrate on the few film projects at hand.  I already have a ton bitten off that is hard to chew but not overwhelming… so being a one man show with a core support team it gets left by the way side to fix sites, do this, build that.  It takes so much time.  So I’m streamlining and getting it all prepared for the future.  It’s a new chapter in Mimetic Productions and my own film life.  Mimetic is even getting a name change/upgrade soon.

I’ve very much been a  fan of having a lot of my happenings and details on facebook but there’s always a few bad apples that spoil it.  Not that it’s even done with intention, it just happens and it’s a final straw for me.  Time to cut things down and use Facebook the way I intended to use it from day one – promote projects of my own, promote the Windsor film scene – communicate with friends and family in one of the best and easiest ways we’ve ever know.

So I hope to see you on the fan page, if not… is where you can always reach me in the more traditional digital format.

Thanks to everyone that’s supported and helped me build my career and online presence this much!  Its amazing and I wouldn’t have half the opportunities and amazing friendships and working relationships I have if NOT for the likes of Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

Peace and love and stuff,



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