L.A. Madness

I can’t believe I’ve been in California for 3 weeks now. Hectic at times, calm and still at others, it’s been fantastic so far. Caught up with old friends (one of which is going to join my enthusiasm for the LOST finale this coming Sunday).

I’ve finished a major block and major chuck of my film rewrites. I’m so fucking happy with this script if I can speak frankly. I’m not a big fan of my work as I write it. Writing sucks for me… I love the art of storytelling, developing characters but getting my ass in a chair and pounding out the script pages is like watching paint dry to me. It’s pure torture and my brain just wants to go play or plow through a season of whatever tv show I’m addicted to at the time. It’s a real struggle. This film in particular has so much more research and precise planning that it’s actually extinguished a part of my brain I’m sure… a dark spot never to light up again.

Lesley and Jim that have been letting me invade their house and car out here are fantastic folk! There’s not a blog long enough I could write to thank them for the opportunities and connections provided while out here. Lesley has a fruit basket as big as a bouncy castle heading her way with the way something is about to work out (fingers crossed). I’ve even taken a bigger liking to their dogs now that it seems my allergies have settled a tad. It’s hard not to take liking to 3 wagging beasts that are thrilled to see you each time you set foot in the same room as they are.

The weather is great. I have a tan. I’ve been exercising. Lesley and I have grocery shopped and she’s made it easy for me to eat healthier than I have in a long time. All around it’s been part creative push-through, part rest and relax, part detox, and part mentally preparing myself for the shit-storm of work ahead.

Next Thursday morning at 11AM is a big deal. There’s a few other big deals in the works. I’ll definitely be screaming from the hills if it goes through. You might be able to hear me back in Canada if it does. That being said, if there is news to share, those of you at the Green Room – I think we should have a one last hurrah in the “classic” green room before your move and a celebration / official kick off for the new film.

Back home Still Here is getting its sound mix done. The finished edit looks beautiful. Test screenings have gone well. Premiere planning in the works. Always takes longer than thought.. but patience is a huge part of indie / low-budget filmmaking and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed in what we’re delivering. Expect a new trailer and a soundtrack preview soon.

Anyhow, just sharing a few thoughts before I get my ass out of bed and exercise before heading down to Sunset Strip for a few meetings today. Hope you’re all well and you know where to find me.



2 Responses to L.A. Madness

  1. Se7en says:

    Umm hello I move the day before the Green Room, where’s my partay! lol I say it’s a partay kinda weekend for all us movers!

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