The Option Still Stands

Yesterday marks a new era for me in filmmaking. I optioned a screenplay.

Optioning is the process of obtaining the exclusive rights to package and get a production deal together to turn a script into a finished film.

This film is based on true accounts during World War II that tell a unique and haunting account of a story not yet told. I’m very excited to turn this project into a major motion picture and perhaps even direct, not just produce, this script a few years from now. as it stands I have a full plate directing 2 upcoming feature films.

So there is that. Otherwise I’ve been staying up later than normal (and normal was already really late) finishing sound design and prep for Still Here. The movie is done. 97 minutes. Much delays, change ups in recording the entire 16 song soundtrack, and doing it all in the cracks of our spare time it’s been an amazing race. Test screenings have been overwhelmingly positive. We are very proud of what we accomplished on a shoe string budget and can’t wait to share it with the world.

I’m sitting at an American Airlines boarding gate in Detroit right now. I’m off to visit Lesley in Ventura, finish my screenplay and do some business damage in L.A. So I’m off to Dallas on long layover first and bet I’ll blog more from there!


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