Screenplays & Screenings

I’m sitting in a movie theater at the Palace Cinema downtown Windsor right now. This afternoon is a series of short films being screened that were created by University of Windsor students. Many of them I know, some have helped on Mimetic projects over the last year or so. I’m always proud of emering talent here in Windsor. It truly is the day that anyone with a camera and a computer can make a film. Short films are the perfect format to experiment with story ideas and themes. All of these films use local talent, crew, and locations. It’s a real testimate that even without a legit film industry here you can create films and television here if you put your mind to it and use your resources.

I’m particularly proud of Daniella Bumbacco, Catrina Franzoi (who is loud and in charge behind me right now), and Jessica Pillar. These three have been great help to Mimetic and I’ve had a chance to watch them grow as film creators. Super talented and full of energy and have what it takes to make sacrifices that many young people don’t realize is necessary to live your dreams.

Earlier today I met with a great local writer, another emerging talent, who’s screenplay I’m optioning. By tomorrow the paper work should be done and i’ll be pursuing distribution and funding to produce this film and possible add my own directing slate in the not too distant future. I’m very excited for this script and see a buttload of potential for it. Official announcement soon.

Ok the theater is packing up, it’s great to see so many people supporting local films! Remember you can always check: www.watchwinsor.c



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