Scattered Mornings

First off I’m not much of a morning person.  At least I claim not to be.  I really actually am, it’s just rare that I’ve gone to bed early enough to witness the morning.

Last night however was a night which came to a close with me trying to suffer through “Lady In The Water” after being convinced by my friend Daniel to give it a try.  It’s just so convenient and uninteresting in it’s storytelling so far.  I say so far because as I lay on my stomach watching it on my laptop, I was drinking red wine and then decided to do the famous resting of the eyes.  Well, that was that… and now it’s today.  So I must have fallen asleep around 1:30AM which is shockingly early for me.  Typically, I’ll be up till 3-4AM – I work best at night.

The morning today started at 9AM when I woke up wondering why my neck hurt so bad.  Oh wait… it might be a combination of falling asleep on a make-shift pillow (a sweater) and laying awkwardly on the air-mattress which is the bed I claim in Chicago.  My scattered morning routine has become this:

-aquire water/drink water
-check phone for texts/missed calls
-check email/facebook/youtube/blog messages, comments, news.
-read Film Drunk, AICN, Dark Horizons as if they were my morning papers since I can’t afford the real trades (you’d be surprised how much film industry news and deals I keep up on.  I think of it like the stock market – if your life was being an investor, you’d want to know the market!  Plus I’ve done this since I was 15 and just love movies so much, reading ANYTHING about upcoming films, what writer sold what, who’s casting who – it’s all so thrilling to be still.)
-post any updates needed for
-Open word processor and my screenplay file(s) so I can avoid working on it for a while.
-Watch 20 minutes of a film and get bored / distracted.
-Chat with Clinton or Michelle for a while.
-Edit and render How Many Days? so it’s out of the way for today.
-Get up to pee finally (amazing how long I can sit at the computer without having my bladder release, especially after a night of (being the only one who was) drinking.
-Chat with Kelly once she awoke.
-Write this blog or another one of my blogging projects.
-Agree with myself to finally get off the internet and get to the writing that is due in a few weeks.

That’s what it looked like today and it’s not far off from other days.  When back home I’m a master of accepting morning breakfast or coffee invites to add to the distractions.  That or I’ll plow through a couple commercial free sitcoms (currently Big Bang Theory thanks to Marie convincing me to give it another try since I had caught it on television when it premiered but never paid much attention).

So now it’s time to write… except I’m hungry.  So… hmmm… ya I’ll fuel up before I write now.  Maybe check facebook one last time.  Never know when someone important will message at anytime!  Even though facebook goes right to my phone so there’s no need to log in EVER… but ya know I will anyways.


Here’s me resisting the urge to pee:

Peace love and sexy pants,



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