The Pressure Cooker

I’m in Chicago still.  It’s gorgeous out again.  I have to make a point to get out there and see some of it.  I’ve been updating and taking care of some business calls and emails and now its back to the writing.

I’m in the thick or rewrites and expansion to a screenplay I’ll be directing later this year.  I just had an email outlining what my deadlines are and they are fast approaching.  That means… stress.  Lots of it!  That’s fine by me, because I need deadlines and stress to get anything accomplished in life.  My fluttery artist brain doesn’t work well otherwise.  Frustrating yes – but learning to manage it.  I just feel bad for the people around me!

This screenplay presents more issues writing that anything I’ve tackled before.  It’s the most rewriting I’ve ever done on one project.  There are days I just want it all to be done done done.  Then again, I LOVE writing, and love taking character and scene ideas from the invisible corners of my imagination and playing them out on the page.  It’s just too much fun to not love that I get to do this for a living (for the most part these days!)

Had some exciting news about a producer I’ll hopefully be speaking with in the next few days.  He may come on board my project.  We’re discussing if we need a more seasoned producer to work with us on a project this big.  I mean after all we did the impossible by securing distribution already for the film and have some exciting international releasing in the works… it would be fantastic to have someone of this calibre and with this track record to work on set with and learn so much that I can’t even begin to fathom.

Playing with the big boys now.  Gulp.  It’s equally exciting and frightening at times.  However, I have this scared feeling every time I walk onto a big set or a shoot or project that is beyond the scope of what I’ve done before.  It doesn’t stop me from excelling and getting everything done as planned.  I’d have to say it betters me.  I think if I wasn’t scared I’d just be cocky.  The fear keeps me in line and keeps me working my hardest so that it doesn’t get the best of me.

Anyhow- back to writing, just thought I’d share that with you all.  Here’s what I look like currently as I pound away at the keys… no shower, nothing done to my hair.

Just me and my Angels & Airwaves – new tunes from a band I might catch a show from in a few days.

Talk at you soon,



One Response to The Pressure Cooker

  1. Yer the man Gav… THE man… Yer not playing with the big boys… They’re playing with YOU cause they all wanna BE you!!

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