You’ll Never Guess My Secret Identity

A few times on How Many Days you mentioned a secret group called “The 333”.  Are they really a secret group, or do you know who they are?

They are indeed a secret group.  I have a few suspicions about who they could be… at least a few of the members… but I might never know.  The 333 have made it clear that they want to keep their secret identity and I have urged friends and such to not try and uncover who they are.  Recently The 333 enlisted the help of a few of the people close to me with their latest mission but again, I’ve asked that their identity status remain in tact and no one share information with me.

For those of you that don’t know what they hell we’re talking about yet.  “The 333” are a small band of rebels operating somewhere out of the Hoth system.  Well at least that’s how I imagine Windsor in the winter… a big ice planet.  The 333 wrote me one day from a freshly created, How Many Days? related email address – oh this was back in… August let’s say?  Even better – let me share my introduction to this group and dig up the email for you to feast your eyes upon:

Ok, it was August 7th, 2009:


Downtown, from the corner of Ouellette and Park to the corner of Ouellette and Riverside…White posters along the way, check ’em out…”

That was it.  Short, sweet, and cryptic as all hell.  So of course, it was the next morning that I read the message and headed out to see what all the fuss was about.  That’s when I came across these mystery posters:

How has this group helped you in the past?

They have helped more so (and probably faster than they ever suspected!)  The posters were the spring board of a chain of events that led to the introduction with Quentin Tarantino at Much Music in Toronto.

Here’s the explaination a bit better… yes it’s a written blog… but who wants to read when you can watch TV for the answers!

So “The 333” are this group that wish to never have their identity revealed that are on a mission to help me complete my How Many Days?  I will never know what each of their mini-missions are… when they will happen… how they are organizing them until they have happened.  They write me once and a while which cryptic updates.  They seem very nice.  They seem very motivated.  They are some of the most proactive How Many Days? viewers taking the interactive / pay it forward / six degrees concept to an extreme (and ever ounce of effort full appreciated by me!)  They have also SEEN me.  In person.  I had a message about seeing me at a Life Of A Bar Owner ( filming session.  They wrote me one night asking how dinner way, having seen me at Jose’s Noodle Factory one night when I was there for a friend’s birthday dinner.  WEIRD?  Yes.  So I’ve seen them… I just don’t know that I have.  It’s like looking for the answer that’s right in front of your face you just can’t see the forest for the trees as they say.

Are they currently doing anything that is forwarding your journey to meeting your goals?

They are… but I don’t know what exactly… hmmm…. or when…. so I just sorta sit back and it’s a treat for me when I receive an email from them.  They asked me to give them a name and it was determined they should be called “The 333”.  The number 333 has a major significance in my life and I can’t put my finger on why I see this number all the time so it seemed fitting that they take name their secret group after this secret number.

Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a way YOU could help with How Many Days?  Remember it’s interactive.  I just post the videos each day and forward them around to my various social media.  The people I’m trying to meet, listed at the official site, all have Facebook pages… fan pages… groups… Myspace pages… fan clubs… managers… agents… official websites…  YOU can be emailing them my videos, my site, etc.  That’s what it’s all about and that’s how I’ve met the others on the list… post something on their facebook wall… the more they are aware of the project or even know of it’s existence the sooner it will all come to an end.  After 1000 days I’m not going anywhere so maybe if you have 15 seconds free I can encourage you to pay it forward.  Even if it’s as simple as reposting a How Many Days? video you like on your facebook wall or tweet it from time to time… the more it spreads… the more people that see it… the more it spreads and eventually someone that knows someone who knows one of the people remaining on the list… the sooner the mission gets completed!

Thanks and keep dreaming,



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