How Many Days follows your daily travels, but really surrounds your meeting of the most influential people in your life.  To date, what has been the biggest conquest of your journey?

Well I don’t know that daily travels is the right word when most of the blogs are shot from my living room couch or in front of my editing desk, but yes yes, my travels.  It is quite interesting for me to go back and reflect from time to time on where my life has taken me.  How Many Days thus far has had numerous interviews with rock stars and movie stars, attended a few film premieres, been on set of feature films, short films, and music videos… it’s been to L.A., on tour with bands, charity dinners, down to Puerto Rico.  It’s one of the things I love most about the blog – there is no format.  The rule is I have to make one every single day.  Where it takes me… who knows!

I love being able to promote the local art scene here.  I have an open and ongoing invite for any band, musician, actor, director – WHOMEVER – that wants to plug their wares can do it right here… a free video clip they can then plug into their online networks – twitter, myspace, facebook, etc etc.  You can’t beat grassroots local promo for your art these days.  How Many Days has found me on the guest list to some events I never would have had the opportunity to attend.  It also catches my most embarrassing side with manic, overbearing director rants on sets when things are going sour.

As for the biggest conquest?  Well I dunno… landing on national television to get my initial introduction to Quentin Tarantino was pretty damned triumphant.  Never thought that would happen.  I think the ability to have reached any of the people on my list so far are all equal conquests.  There is no ranking of who’s a bigger player than another in my mind.  Each of these people have done something or had a certain methodology to their work that spoke to me one way or another and are in large part, the reason I’m struggling to make the films and projects I’m making now.  Learning through observation and mimicking.  It’s like being an infant… you just keep copying and repeating until you get your first steps.  Everything I’ve done to this point, based on the influence and ideas of these people has brought me from a few steps to a few strides… and now that I can walk on my own (and clear up much distraction and bullshit in my personal and professional life) it’s time to go out there and create my own way of doing things.

If I had to pick a conquest outside of the 12 folks, I’d say it’s always trying to keep How Many Days real.  If I’m mad… I’m mad on the blog.  Drunkness isn’t a hidden factor.. if I’m drunk, I blog drunk.  If I haven’t shaved, combed my hair… if I’m eating… I blog.  It’s just me being me.  False attitude not welcome whether you love me or hate me.  My blog makes some people nervous, keeps others ducking behind my camera always.  It’s cost me potential investors and projects before… and to all that I say FUCK IT… because like a girlfriend or friends… I treat business the same… take me as I am or not at all (incidentally there are very few people on this planet that will tolerate me – those poor souls! And after a great personality test earlier this year and learning I only get along with 2% of the planet… wow… amazing I have any friends at all!  Too abrasive?  ME?  Nahhhhhhhhh!).  For work, for projects… I’m there to shoot or direct or use “vision” to bring something to life.  If I can deliver that on time, on budget, and to the specifications of the script and discussions with client… then I’ve done my job.  My life  outside of that is my life.  I’ve never been one to do anything less than wear my heart on my sleeve.  Containing myself is not very freeing.  I hate it.  So and so thinks something about me because of me being me?  Well fantastic… so and so isn’t someone I would ultimately have gotten along with.  I like me and me is always trying to grow and learn from my mistakes (and 2009 has been FULL of those!) so I’ll plow on, blogging as me… good, bad, ugly, laughing or spitting in your face…. I just won’t change that.  So that as a personal conquest I’m pleased with.

Do you focus on one person and shoot to meet them or do you let it all just happen naturally?

I just make the video and post it everyday.  What happens from there and the path of how it will or has reached these people is the interesting part.  I just have no idea or control of how it will happen.  Occasionally I’ll get a lead… an email stating that someone knows someone that knows one of the people from the list… and I’ll respond and see where it goes… but no its not a list or order of how these people will be checked off the list.  “Naturally” as you call it is the way it goes here on How Many Days.  Far more exciting and interesting that way.  Some folks think my laid back approach and rules that I can’t actively pursue the people is insane.  I’ve flirted with crossing the boundaries of my rules before and it just wasn’t cool… not fun.  Even Tarantino on TV… they wanted me to come out and ask him to meet with me and tell him about my project… and I refused and almost had to turn down the introduction.  Once they understood the rules and someone told him about it first and he agreed to meet with me… it changes the game (PS – Quentin… finish promoting your fucking movie already so we can get that interview!)  So the project is what it is and will keep going for many many more days I suspect!  Might all be in Youtube 3D by the time it’s all said and done!

Hmmm… what else?  Oh… check out Tell a friend while you’re at it… you know you want to… and if you don’t.. do it anyways, fucker!



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