Prettiest Girl In The Pageant

To date, what is your favorite project to work on and why?

Having a favorite project would be like a mother having a favorite child. You love all your children equally… even if a few of them are little bastards that might end up in jail… you love them all equally – for different reasons. You know their strengths. The good things about each one. Well hold one, they’re all looking at me now. Let me walk over here to the corner and whisper something in your ear:

*the truth is none of them are perfect yet so I’m going to keep popping them out until I get it JUST RIGHT…*

Even parents can be perfectionists. I think the project I’ll always love the most is the one I’m working on or have just come up with. My friends know it… I’ll be sitting in a restaurant, in a theater, drunk at a party, half asleep on the couch… and BANG! I get hit with an idea. I start motor-mouthing about it as the ideas flash through my brain. I scramble for a Burger King napkin, a receipt, or an old phone bill to write it down on. That’s conception. That’s my brain getting the fuck of a lifetime and as it reaches orgasm there’s a sweet bliss of creativity. Rarely do I sit down and just think… hmmm… for my next movie I’ll write about… and start an idea. I have this massive collection of typed and handwritten notes that represent different ideas. I forget about ideas almost as soon as I get them, for the most part, so I have to write them down and every three months or so I revisit the pile and pick through them and see if anything sparks.

I can remember where I was when each of my film ideas were conceived… much like trying to catalogue sexual conquests. Actually I can’t do that. I only have fuzzy memories of most sexual experiences. Not because too much alcohol was the cause but rather just a sense of “Ya, I know I was there… I know it was whatever… but uhm.. details, visuals, feelings… they’re gone.” Probably not a bad thing and certainly to the benefit of any current relationship I might be in.

Boy, I get off topic. “Tangential Rambles” should be the name of my blog.

Anyhow, the project I love the most, given that I’ve deduced its the current one, would be my film “Still Here”. You can see the trailer over at under the Demo Reel section. Click the image of the dude laying in the dirt with his arms on his chest and the flowers next to his head.

“Still Here” is premiering really soon. We’ve been finishing up the soundtrack and getting the sound design underway. It’s looking really, really, really good. It’s made small test audiences cry and discuss with affection (and I don’t know friends that with false congratulate and pat my back… I crave honest ripping apart style reviews when in the process of trying to get a film right!).”

“Still Here” is an emotion driven story about Aidan, a teenager struggling to cope with the premature and rather unexpected loss of his girlfriend, Natalie. Confused and on the brink of depression, Aidan drifts aimlessly through the months after her funeral without any sense of focus or meaning. With weakening control over his emotions and temper, Aidan loses touch with almost everyone around him. However, despite his unwillingness to seek emotional support from friends and family, he manages to create a strong bond with the cemetery caretaker, George. Separated by generations, the old man manages to relate to Aidan and does whatever he can to help his new friend through this difficult time. “Still Here” consists of one social conflict after another, layered with a thin veil of sexual tension. Perhaps most important of all, the film clearly illustrates just how difficult it can be to simply move on.

That’s the official blub or whatever. I just love stories of characters that are lost and trying to find themselves, whatever route that might be to get there. All four of my feature films revolve around that central idea.

Still Here is also my favorite because I feel I’ve grown as a director/producer and I’m very proud for solving every headache and getting to the finish line. There were so many problems, issues that were beyond what even the best coach could predict, strategize for his team. So myself and my fellow coaches and players gave it our all and here we are, with a baby starting to crown. It’s a moment of sheer joy. I was discussing last night the joy of childbirth and how I have no experience of it first hand. In fact, the best I can do is that 10 seconds of sheer terror in the eighth grade when we were shown “The Miracle Of Birth” and after hours of micro cameras inside the womb (looking much like a deep sea diver’s footage), they cut to a woman legs spread wider than I’ve ever seen as the baby hauls ass out of her vagina. There was a jump and inhale of terror from my classmates and as as if we’d just seen Michael Myers claim his first victim. That’s just it… the closest I can get to a childbirth experience is a film. That proud baby boy sensation.

So it will be my proudest, prettiest baby for a little while, but already it’s time to get in the sack again and start experimenting with ways to have another “favorite” project.

Until then kids, keep the lights low and the music loud.



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