How Many Questions? Round 1

**NOTE:  Jen (aka Jersey Jen), a long time friend and creative cohort, has been always trying to find ways to be involved with my projects having a great distance between us… so she’s decided to start with some online assistance and planning.  She’s come up with getting me back into written blogs as I stated with last week’s post… and has begun to harass me in email to answer 1 or 2 weekly questions.  Harassing me isn’t her being a pain in the ass… it’s a sometimes unfortunate necessary measure when working with me… absent mind, growing attention span issues… ugh… it drives most people nuts… but the few, the far between like Jen that get me, don’t mind the extra effort to accomplish the task at hand.
So here it is folks, the first weekly “How Many Questions”

1) Did you ever think you’d be planning Day 1000?

This is funny timing.  Just a few days ago, my high school co-op student Marlon pointed out to me that way back on Day 001 of How Many Days? that I stated “…whether it takes 8 days, or 50 days, or 380 or 1000 days…”  He said technically I didn’t say what I’d do after 1000 days and now here we are, just a month and a bit away from it.  My only prediction was that it would take at least two years… at least 710 days.  I’m not a quitter so I’m in it for the long haul at this point.  It’s become part of daily life.  Some people read the morning paper or watch Friends reruns in the evenings… I video blog my free time away.  This first 1000 days section of the project has had so many interesting side stories… helping to get someone a scholarship, meeting other filmmakers, actors and bands.  I get asked to speak in schools and online Q&A’s because of How Many Days?  Meeting Tarantino on live national television.  Kevin Smith’s ears perking up at one of my film ideas… just things I could never have predicted or planned if I tried.  It’s interesting to see how it all unfolds.

2) What was the original thought and purpose behind HMD?

Well buckle your seatbelts this could get wordy!  The original thought is still the same.  The project is as follows: I, filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth,  am on a mission to meet the Hollywood professionals that inspired him in his career thus far.  Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith, Jimmy Eat World, Zach Braff, Tom Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Harry Knowles, Dan Mirvish, Bryan Singer, and Ellen DeGeneres (as a charity bonus for a friend’s project).  I will post a video blog on Youtube every single day (955 so far) until all of these people have contacted me and agreed to meet with me face to face for an interview and offer some advice with my own film career.  I cannot contact them directly.  This is a pay it forward project.  It is up to people out there watching to help me spread the videos around until someone who knows someone who knows one of the people on my list can get it to them.  This is to prove that social media and networking can be highly effective.

So that’s WHAT is all about, but the purose behind it?  Well it started back in August of 2006.  I was traveling across Canada for another web blogging project called One Web Day.  The purpose of that blog was for me to interview Canadian people artists, business owners, students.. people from all walks of life about how the internet had changed their life, what it has done for our society since it’s creation.  I was fascinated by the musicians and artists I was meeting and how they were using social media sites such as Youtube and Myspace at the time to network.  I was already an avid Myspace blogger but I wasn’t even a Youtube user at the time.  I was ignorant to the entire concept.  So this trip was a huge eye opener for me.  It was in Saskatoon, Saskachtewan, editing in my hotel room one night that I started thinking about maybe there was a way I could try something for my career online.  I’ve always had a brain for marketing/P.R. work to promote my projects… so it just sorta hit me.

I was inspired by two concepts.  First,  the Six Degrees Of Separation theory that says you are connected to anyone through just six other people.  The city I live in it’s more like two degrees!  The other was a wonderful documentary project film called My Date With Drew by Brian Herzlinger, in which Brian set himself 30 days to aggressively pursue through contacts, a date with Drew herself… and does it!  So with that in mind I set out the rules… that I would post a daily video and see how long it takes before someone can connect me to these twelve.  I want to be more passive than My Date With Drew… let it happens as it happens.

One of the greatest things to come out of How Many Days? is now that I need something to talk about everyday is been the small pay it forward effort I’ve been able to make for friends that are artists or friends that have great causes.  I’ve opened up and invited ANYONE that has something to share with the world to be interviewed on How Many Days and use that small video clip to help promote themselves, their art, their charity, whatever it may be.  People that wouldn’t otherwise blog or use video material to promote.  It’s a great cross-promotion.

It’s also a little strange to just watch myself get older as the time goes on… fuck… what a few years difference can be! LOL.  Hopefully its done before I go grey!

So ya, there you have it, a little bit more perspective into what How Many Days is all about.
And since I have your attention, you fine folks, why not check out and subscribe 2:


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