Basement Studio

It’s the afternoon of Tuesday, November 24th and I’m sat in the basement of my house.  It’s as good a creative center as anywhere else.  Josh Braiden from One Man’s Opinion, a band here in Windsor, is guitar tracking for the “Still Here” film soundtrack.  Over the past four weeks or so, myself, Cerah Steele (vocals), and Josh (with the input and assistance from producers Lindsay McLeod and Brendan Byrne have) have been chipping away at a daunting task – recording an entire album as the film’s soundtrack.  I suppose this is like scoring in a sense… but it’s the biggest musical undertaking I’ve done for a film yet.

Currently Josh is tracking acoustic guitar for a song original written and performed by Pat Robtaille titled “God’s Walking Not Far Behind”.   The goal of this soundtrack is to make it a demo cassette for a 17 year old character in the film.  The film revolves around her death so her music is one of the only ways the audience will connect to her as a character and what her life meant to those around her who are trying to survive the tragedy.

If for some reason you’re reading this and you don’t know me already (can’t imagine people are just stumbling across this by accident) then you might not have seen the trailer for this film, so if you dare… spare… a few minutes of your time to feast your eyes on the trailer:

The music in this trailer is two tracks by Third Eye Blind – “Slow Motion” and “Forget Myself”.  Third Eye Blind will have a song on the Still Here soundtrack… of course sung by our gal to be part of the “demo feel”.

I love music so much.  I don’t know if I can go without being part of producing all my soundtracks from here on in.  Working with Josh has been fantastic thus far.  Listening to someone play acoustic guitar all day long is the best backdrop as I sit here writing business plans, blogging, editing my life away.

Anyhow… that’s all, that’s an update… and this is officially my first blog for Gavin Naked.  Official website coming soon and a blog about WHY this is Gavin Naked!




2 Responses to Basement Studio

  1. Ari says:

    Gav, your blog is losing its comment virginity to me. Would you want it any other way? 😉 I am super pumped you are going to be writing and am looking forward to following/stalking you on here as well as HMD. Like I said, addictive….

    ALSO – You have no idea how excited I am that you are using 3eb songs for Still Here. Those are two of my faves. I say you need to do another vidblog of Josh playing guitar and more of the soundtrack production, so cool to watch.

    One last thing… Gavin Naked? Seriously? You couldn’t come up with any other title? Are you trying to put us ladies through the suffering and agony of unfulfilled desire at the thought of seeing your cute bum naked? Cruel, just cruel….

  2. Ashli says:

    It looks like it’s goingto be amazing Gav 🙂

    I absolutely love TEB too..good choice.

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